How much does a real estate website cost?

How much does a real estate website cost?

There are many factors that go into pricing a new real estate website. Domain name and design are both important aspects to consider, as are the hours spent for each phase. The overall investment is also based on these factors. This article will discuss a few of the top web designers and how much they charge. Once you have the information you need to price your website, you can get started with building it! To get started, read through the examples below and see what they have to offer.


The cost of a Placester real estate website varies based on the features you want. Placester’s Starter plan includes features like IDX listings, customer landing pages, and phone support. The Starter plan is a great choice for a new real estate agent because it requires minimal technical knowledge. Placester’s other tiers scale as your business grows, so you can increase your site’s functionality as your business grows. Placester’s Starter plan will provide you with a real estate lead generation website for years to come.

The Placester real estate website cost is very affordable, especially if you consider the powerful lead generation tools that are included in the package. It was developed by a team of realtors and real estate professionals, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on third-party integration tools. You’ll also be affiliated with the National Association of Realtors, which ensures a reliable product. Placester is a great option for real estate agents who want to have a modern and mobile-friendly website.

The Placester real estate website cost depends on the features and the amount of customization you want. The basic plan costs $80 per month. If you’re a member of NAR, you’ll get a 25% discount. The advanced plan costs $120 for members and $150 for non-members. You’ll also receive royalty-free images from the Placester library. Placester also makes it easy to integrate real estate SEO strategies on every page. Its built-in SEO meta tool also makes implementing real estate SEO strategies easy. Placester’s website cost also includes mobile compatibility.

The Placester website cost includes an IDX website integration. You’ll need to pay $5 per MLS contract. Adding IDX integration allows you to use a map search feature and add property alerts. You can save your favorite listings and manage their details from one website. This site will give you a great deal of exposure and leads, so it’s worth considering. There’s no reason not to sign up for Placester’s website.


While Propertybase’s price may sound high, it’s actually an affordable solution for many realtors. It’s easy to use, offers intuitive navigation, and has industry-grade typography and design features. Its real estate CRM helps agents keep track of leads, automate daily processes, and more. It also lets you store documents and send them to agents through built-in portals. Moreover, it can push your listings to more than 200 real estate websites at once.

For agents, Propertybase comes with two pricing options: the GO version, priced for individuals and small-to-midsize teams, and the Salesforce Edition, which costs $799 per month for 10 users. If you’re planning to use the Salesforce Edition, you can get a free demo and volume discounts from Propertybase’s sales team. All prices are for annual billing, which includes your website and CRM, but excludes lead generation and transaction management.

In addition to a powerful CRM, Propertybase has a comprehensive analytics tool. This powerful tool offers key insights about your business and lets you adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. The platform also integrates with third-party applications for email marketing campaigns. Consequently, you can track and analyze your website’s performance without incurring additional costs. You’ll be able to determine which marketing strategies are working and which aren’t.

The CRM tool, called Propertybase CRM, allows agents to track leads through their contact information. It connects with lead sources and routes leads to the right team member based on predefined processes. While Propertybase is a comprehensive CRM system, it is not easy to set up, but it’s an ideal choice for those looking to dominate their competition. Its CRM software includes deal analysis tools, a lead generation tool, and more.

The price of a real estate website depends on its complexity and size. A basic, professional website won’t require advanced CMS modules and custom functionality, while a mid-size website requires more interactive features and advanced property search filters. Large corporate websites require advanced functionality, custom property search filters, and property detail pages. Depending on the size of your business, the cost will vary from $5,000 to $15,000 and more. Once you know how much you need, you can easily set a budget and start exploring all of the benefits of Propertybase.

Agent Image

One of the best features of Agent Image on a real estate website is the ability to customize a homepage and create landing pages for different property types. The company has been in business since 1999 and is based in the Philippines. Although not a real estate website platform, Agent Image does offer a number of website design services, including email marketing and CRM. Some agents have also complained about the quality of customer support. If you are planning to use Agent Image on your real estate website, here are a few important things to consider:

Customer service at Agent Image is top-notch. Most users report great customer service and responsive employees. Their pricing varies, but their website templates are high-quality. You can choose from three plans and pay a one-time fee or monthly fees. The price depends on the template you choose, which you can see here. But you can always upgrade later if your business grows and you need a new site. But be aware that some features are free with the free plan.

In addition to real estate website design, the company also offers IDX solutions, SEO, and real estate marketing. Their solutions also make it possible for you to have a mobile website. Almost all of their clients are based in the United States, and 89% are smaller companies. In addition, they are focused on the real estate industry and are well-versed with industry terminology. The company also provides robust real estate website solutions for their customers, and has a great reputation.

Another option for creating a real estate website is IDX, which allows you to display MLS properties. These services can be purchased from IDX Broker or iHomefinder, which are both popular IDX data providers. IDX is the most popular IDX on the internet, but the company offers two different plugins. You can use one or the other, depending on the needs of your business. The IDX plugin comes with a number of features, and can be highly customized.


The Squarespace real estate website cost depends on the features you choose. There are many features available, including a wide variety of templates, design flexibility, and options. However, this is not a real estate-specific platform and lacks some essential features, such as a CRM or lead capture landing page. If you want a website that has all of these features, you should look for a more specific platform. In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of Squarespace.

For those who don’t want to invest in a custom real estate website, you can find templates that work for most agents. For example, the Martini Company Real Estate website uses a Bryant template. It also includes a Squarespace contact form. Another Squarespace real estate website is Parkway Real Estate Co., which utilizes the IDX Broker database for listing search. While it doesn’t include a dedicated listings page, you can use the Bailard template to create a similar homepage layout.

While Squarespace is compatible with a number of IDX providers, you should choose the most reliable one. You can either integrate your own IDX provider or hire an IDX designer to do it for you. If you’re not familiar with integrating IDX, you can read the instructions provided by Squarespace for MLS integration. MLS search is not included with all templates, but it’s recommended to use it with the other features of Squarespace real estate websites.

You can purchase additional domains and connect them to your Squarespace account if you prefer to sell real estate directly from your site. Squarespace has several payment plans for agents and brokers, including a Business Plan that costs $18 per month if paid annually. The Business Plan also provides enhanced on-page lead capture capabilities and includes one year of Google Workspace access. If you want to sell directly from your website, you can also opt to purchase Squarespace Payments, but most agents do not need this feature.

Apart from the cost, Squarespace real estate websites come with SEO and marketing options. You can set up email marketing campaigns, add a contact form, and even integrate Google maps. Additionally, you can use Squarespace’s SEO options to manage individual posts. This can help you improve your website’s ranking on search engines. It is also important to remember that SEO is essential for any website. Therefore, Squarespace is designed with SEO in mind.